For Her Birthday, Taylor Swift Received Lorde As Her Newest Bestie

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Taylor Swift Birthday Lorde 12-13-13 3

Remember when you were in elementary school, and the most popular girl in your grade switched out best friends regularly because after awhile she'd get bored with her minions?  Right.  Though I'm not sure Taylor Swift would have been one of those girls in my school (which was probs a little too rough for Primrose T. Swift), she's certainly determined to be that person now, at age 24.

While I'm sure she received many lovely gifts during her garden birthday party (because of course it was a garden party) in Melbourne yesterday, the biggest gift of all was…drumroll, por favor…. Lorde!  That's right, Lorde and Taylor (not an original pun, but it's awesome anyway so deal with it) rang in the latter's 24th birthday surrounded by roses to symbolize the budding of a new friendship.  Because Taylor Swift probably read our post and decided to add a sixteenth celebrity bestie, feminism be damned!

If you look closely, you can see the pleading in Lorde's eyes: “Help me, this is so awkward, oh please someone get me out of here… so many kittens and doilies. Hellllppppp.”

Taylor Swift Birthday Lorde 12-13-13 1

I just hope this new fakelationship (yes, fake friendships count) doesn't sway Lorde to abandon her strong, feminist image.  She's still only 17, after all, which is how Swift likes 'em… young enough to coerce into her lair of witchcraft and crochet-ery.  If anything, the seven-years-older Swift could learn a thing or two from Lorde – like taking responsibility for your actions through your lyrics and your image, ultimately empowering yourself and your fans.

But that's a lot to hope for, so until that happens I'll just enjoy these images of Lorde being uncomfortable until Taylor moves on to bestie number 17.

Taylor Swift Birthday Lorde 12-13-13 2 (Photos: Instagram)