Taylor Swift Threw A Baby Shower For Jaime King, But Just Couldn’t Relinquish The Spotlight

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Taylor Swift Threw A Baby Shower For Jaime King  But Just Couldn t Relinquish The Spotlight taylor jpgLook, it’s not that I don’t like Taylor Swift. She’s immensely talented and poised, I generally like her music, and she seems like an overall decent human being. However, she has an infuriating knack for making everything about herself. I thought that, when she threw a baby shower for one member of her “team” of BFFs that she would take a break from this possibly accidental habit of self-absorption, but, alas, I was wrong, because if the pictures are any indicator, Jaime King‘s adorable star-studded baby shower was all about Taylor. Le whomp. 

Before I go any further, I will say that the shower looked like a blast. I mean, look at these pictures from the photo booth they had there:

Taylor Swift Threw A Baby Shower For Jaime King  But Just Couldn t Relinquish The Spotlight party jpg

Taylor Swift Threw A Baby Shower For Jaime King  But Just Couldn t Relinquish The Spotlight party1 jpg

It looks so fun, right? As you can see, all of Taylor’s usual suspects were there, including Hailee SteinfeldHaimGigi Hadid, and Sarah Hyland. Judging by the top hats and big bow ties, I’m guessing it was circus-themed, which is a pretty adorable theme for a baby shower. It seemed like Jaime King loved it, as she shared the latter picture on her own Instagram with the caption:

“How can I put this into words… @taylorswift is not only going to be an exquisite Godmother but one of the best friends one could ask for. Thank you Tay for throwing me such an insanely beautiful baby shower. Less then 12 hours after performing for 60k strong. I love you SO MUCH xx @babyhaim @gigihadid.”

Now, I’m not knocking the fact that Taylor threw her friend a baby shower. I think it was incredibly sweet, and as long as Jaime appreciated it, that’s all the really matters in the end. But, to me, Taylor seems like that girl at her friend’s Sweet 16 who starts a fight spreads a nasty rumor because she can’t stand the idea of someone else being the center of attention. Why else would she caption her first Instagram photo, “The whole team”? This isn’t about your “team” Taylor, which, BTW, is a really gross way to refer to your group of friends, IMHO. It lets off this air of superiority that’s just very displeasing. And on top of that, instead of the comments on these pictures saying things like, “Congrats on your future spawn, Jaime!” they said things like, “Where’s Selena?” or “Where’s Calvin?” Sure, this speaks to the nature of our obsession with knowing everything about celebrities’ lives, but it also speaks to the fact that no one would have asked those questions if it didn’t feel like the focus was on Taylor.

Just as the countless posters for her “Bad Blood” music video pissed me off, these photos piss me off. Someone’s baby shower should be all about them, not about Taylor showing that world that she may have a laundry list of ex-boyfriends, but she has tons of friends, too, so it’s okay. Taylor, I like ya, but for just one day, let someone else’s day be about them. Please.

(Images: Taylor Swift/Instagram)