Taylor Swift Interacts With Her Fans On Instagram, Should Teach Lessons In Being Famous

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Taylor Swift nodding GIF

If you've ever been on this site before, it should come as no surprise when I say that I'm not always a fan of Taylor Swift. But no matter how often she rubs me the wrong way, there's no denying she's got this whole “being famous” thing down pat. She's had virtually no scandals, besides making jam for Ed Sheeran before marriage, and she's consistently wonderful to the people who admire her. Take, for instance, all the comments she leaves for her fans on Instagram.

The Washington Post reports that for the past few months, Taylor has been personally responding to people who tag her in their Instagram posts. The people who receive the messages obviously then take screenshots and share it on social media. Below is one she left on a fan's photo from one of her concerts. Note that it's not just a little impersonal smiley face that allows her to check off “interact with fans” on her famous person to-do list and move on. There are multiple sentences.

Taylor's rep told the Post that Taylor does indeed handle her own Instagram account. Cynical me wants to narrow my eyes at that, but based on the number of extra punctuation marks and all the cavity-inducing sweetness, I believe it. Her comments range from gratitude to friendly advice to even humor. When a fan posted a photo of her dog Finnick trying to get Taylor's attention, Taylor responded with: “HAHA Finnick is all ‘CAN YOU NOT’ right now.”

She sometimes even gives commentary about paparazzi photos of herself.

And a lot of these comments are long and detailed and include Taylor's advice and musings about her own personal experience. I barely respond to my friends' social media posts with more than a little “haha,” and meanwhile Taylor does this for total strangers. How does she have time to do all this plus have a music career plus bake so many cookies?!

I get ridiculously excited when an obscure actor merely favorites one of my replies on Twitter, so this must be life-changing for Taylor's fans. And it's a great PR move, because obviously these fans rave about the interaction all over social media and then bloggers like me write about it, and even people who aren't hardcore fans look at it and go, “Oh wow, that's really cool.” Like me. I'm thinking that. Curse your witchcraft, Taylor Swift!

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