Of Course Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Are Now Referred To As ‘Haylor’

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It's time for Brangelina, Bennifer, Jelena, and KimYe to move into the Celebrity Couple Nickname Nursing Home and make way for ‘Haylor‘.  Yes, that's right, it took nearly a month for Taylor Swift and Harry Styles‘ nickname to catch on but it's here to stay.  At least until another publicity stunt relationship ignites and becomes more interesting.

Haylor even has its own Tumblr, where you can curl up and read everyone's thoughts about this relationship for hours.  While conducting my research for this post, I came across a few solid points from fellow Tumblr-ers that really got me thinking:

amyfucksjb1D:  Is haylor real guess what the answer is the answer is no

WhyHaylorIsFake: if they're dating and so in love why isn't she following him on twitter?

judgementaldirectioner: does it never occur to some people that maybe the reason taylor swift has a lot of breakups is because she doesnt take shit from anyone

wateryoudoinghaz: my one direction radio on pandora has played 3 Taylor swift songs so far is no an emotion becuase i fEEL IT

This wise person is on the right track:
zaynta-on-christmaslik: Remember when Taylor Swift caused the Jonas Brothers’ fandom to fall apart from Jaylor.

Until this relationship falls apart, it looks like we're all going to have to sit tight and entertain ourselves with the inevitable pregnancy blind items and whatnot.  If you happen to be a fan of this temporary union, have no fear — you can buy yourself some Haylor holiday memorabilia!  Because nothing says “Happy Holidays!” and “I'm sexist!” quite like a Taylor Swift apron.


(Photo: Pacific Coast News)