Harry Styles Will Not Retaliate Against Taylor Swift, And Why Are We Treating This Like A Real Relationship Again?

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Another day, another opportunity to add layers to my already melodramatic enough to fill her whole next album relationship with Taylor Swift. Do I like the song “Stay, Stay, Stay” more than I can admit in most social circles? Well I don't know…I mean…it's okay…why do only I have to answer…why are you pressuring me oh my God yes okay?!

Ahem. That fact aside, I thought we were all onboard with the fact that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles were not a real couple you guys. That the way they got together was less “Taylor…you want to go get some fish and chips sometime?” and more “Harry get in the back of the limo we're going to Taylor Swift's new video shoot and you're going to like it.” I genuinely thought that's where we were all at with this whole thing.

When she whipped out that horrid British accent during “We Are Never Ever Ever Ever Getting Back Together (You Either Harry Edition),” I thought we all heaved a collective sigh, remembered why our first Taylor Swift concert led to our first breakup (with her I mean), and then thought of Harry chuckling to himself high-fiving his PR guy over how many sympathy cards he's about to get from across the pond. But today, when people are reporting things like this, I don't know what page anyone's on anymore.

The lads have told Harry to forget about retaliating, because it’s just not worth it,” a source close to the band reveals. “They’ve all advised him to be the bigger person and not to wash his dirty laundry in public – it’s just tacky and embarrassing.

Did everyone forget that wasn't a real thing? Harry's fine, I promise. He's gone back to the country and the age group he's more comfortable with, and he's giving his PR team a raise. Granted, I do go back and forth between thinking a. their agents worked out the British accent move in advance or b. Taylor was never in the loop on the whole fake relationship in the first place and what we saw the other night was a genuine fit of psychotic emotion. I tend to think Taylor is her own mastermind of public relations, but it could go either way.

Let's just all agree to stop trying to make it like Haylor happened.

(Story The Sun, Photo Via Pacific Coast News)