Cliffnotes On The Awkward Elevator Ride Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Will Have This Weekend

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Taylor Swift Harry Styles together

Well, we thought you should know. Former lovers and current enemies Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are staying at the same hotel in France this weekend for the NRJ awards. And because Taylor Swift actually lives in a romantic comedy, they will have several horribly awkward run-ins. At least one will involve a silly mix-up with their chauffeured cars. And at least two will involve the elevator.

On the night of the awards, Taylor Swift will get into the elevator on the top floor, dressed to impress in a 19th century petticoat she had shipped to her from the remains of the Titanic wreckage. She'll stare into her hand mirror, gaze lovingly at her curls and practice saying, “oh this old thing? It's just a vintage dress I found on the floor of the Atlantic ocean.” She'll smile coyly and practice looking humble as the elevator opens up on the 18th floor.

While she prepared to see an enthusiastic fan step into the elevator, she'll instead contort with horror when she sees Harry Styles stumble in, clinging to a drunk local. The local will look at Taylor, look at Harry and sober up enough to point her finger in Taylor's face and say “this is awkward.”

“Hello Harold,” Taylor will say stiffly. “Your tie is crooked.”

“Your tie is crooooo-ked” the drunk girl will say back with an attitude.

“Charming Harold,” Taylor will say, without removing her eyes from the girl. “Absolutely charming, wherever did you find her?”

“Msdfjsoufsf,” Harry will mumble, unsure of what to say to Taylor.

The three of them will stand in silence for the rest of the elevator ride. Only speaking again when a family gets in on the 3rd floor and asks for their autographs.

“OMG, does this mean you two are like back together?” their 13-year-old daughter will squeal with delight.

Harry and Taylor will make eye contact over her head, see their publicists in each other's reflection and leave the elevator hand-in-hand.

The teen will smile, the drunk local will fall down and the tabloids will have a wonderful new story for Monday.

(Photo: PacificCoastNews.com)