Let’s Pool Our Money To Buy Taylor Swift A Friend Over The Age Of Sixteen

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Hailee Steinfeld and Taylor Swift Summer 2013 Twitter pictureI'll acknowledge that I may be biased against Taylor Swift, but is it so much to ask that she finds some friends her own age? I have a whole menagerie of issues with this girl, mostly centering around her ongoing plot to become the Pinterest version of herself and move into a repurposed antique store with her cat, Meredith, but aside from that, I would just really like to see Taylor hang out with someone over the age of nineteen.

She was photographed going shopping in West Hollywood yesterday, ‘joined by her good friend Hailee Steinfeld. (Who I'm hoping, by the way, is a slightly better good friend than her good friend Dianna Agron). Hailee seems cool, and I think we'd all enjoy some fun shoptimes with her, until you remember that she's sixteen years old. And Taylor is twenty-three. That's a seven year difference at an age where you can really tell, so what's the deal, Tay?

Do you really like shopping at Limited Too? Is that it? Or trash-talking One Direction with someone who's still young enough to be into them? Or is it just that younger ladies and people you employ at your concerts are more likely to go along with your themed outfit requirements? WHICH IS A REAL THEORY THAT I HAVE. Hear me out.

You guys, I seriously think that Taylor or someone on her team calls ahead and dictates the fashion for the day. I'm not kidding. We don't have access to the photos, because this is a cruel world, but she and Hailee are wandering West Hollywood both wearing tattered, antique-y looking dresses in muted colors. And Taylor has a floppy hat and a piece of statement jewelry because one must never be caught off-guard when there could be photographers around.

But earlier this year, when they hung out on Memorial Day, they were match-y match-y then, too, but in a different way, in shorts and sweaters over button-downs. And the theme seemed to be red, white, and blue. I'M ONTO SOMETHING, HERE. There's no way this happens naturally, and people over a certain age like Selena Gomez aren't gonna agree to it, so you gotta go younger, all the way down to sixteen sometimes. I get it.

You can tell me this isn't true all you want, but then I'll just be like — sorry about my arm.

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