Taylor Swift Gets Cast In The Giver, So Excuse Me While I Sign Up To Be Released

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taylor swift this is absurd

Taylor Swift just got cast as the Giver's daughter, Rosemary, in The Giver. So let me preface this entire article with the fact that I'm currently on a one-way train to Devastation City. The only stops are at Denial and Betrayal and Come-On-Hollywood-You-Are-Better-Than-This. Just a few hours ago I wrote an article expressing my excitement for this movie. Considering that it's one of my favoritest books in the whole world, I'm looking very forward to this movie. Or I should say, I was looking forward to this movie. Now I'm just looking forward to re-reading the book and picturing NOT Taylor Swift as Rosemary. Yeah that's right, she can ruin the movie, but she cannot ruin my memories.

Because really? REALLY? Taylor Swift? She's guest starred in a few shows and we're thinking that's enough acting experience to be in the same movie with real actors like Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges. Up until this point, I thought that this movie had real potential to translate to the big screen without losing it's amazingness. But now I'm sitting here, shaking my head and wondering how I can trust these people — these people who cast Taylor Swift — to pull that off. I'm also wondering just how coincidental it is that Taylor Swift got spotted with her Giver co-star Brenton Thwaites just days before this news broke. Is there no one in Hollywood I can trust?

And I'll tell you what, this isn't even about me not liking Taylor Swift. It's about me fighting for the integrity of movies in Hollywood. Just because someone can sing (or can allegedly sing in her case), does not mean that person can act. Yes both things require talent, but people don't always have both talents. I'm going to cut myself off her before I say anything I regret, or that can get me arrested, but ugh guys, a million billion ughs.

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