Taylor Swift Awesomely Talks Feminism In Maxim, And The Irony Is Not Lost On Me

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Taylor Swift Awesomely Talks Feminism In Maxim  And The Irony Is Not Lost On Me taylor jpg

Hi, hello, how’s your hump day? Been flipping through Maxim Magazine, have you? If you have, you might have noticed that Taylor Swift had some pretty awesome things to say about feminism in the latest issue. The only problem, though, is that it’s the same issue in which she was declared #1 on their annual “Hot 100” list, and even though the publication is trying to rebrand themselves to make this honor mean that she’s super talented instead of just downright hot, feel free to color me rubbed the wrong way.

First things first, though. Taylor and I don’t agree on much, but her thoughts on feminism are so spot-on it’s insane. She started with the following:

“I didn’t have an accurate definition of feminism when I was younger. I didn’t quite see all the ways that feminism is vital to growing up in the world we live in.”

I think this is true of so many of us today, and it’s a really sad thing. Remember when Kaley Cuoco claimed not to be a feminist a few months back, and the collective Internet rolled its eyes so hard that I’m pretty sure we all walked around blind for a day or two? The fact that no one really understands what feminism even is anymore is a huge problem, one that needs to be rectified, like, yesterday. In fact, to help you all out before we hear more of T-Swizzle’s thoughts, here’s Orange Is The New Black‘s Matt McGorry with wise words you all need to hear:


Don’t you feel better now? Anyway, Taylor’s views on feminism have changed as she’s gotten older, and she articulated them perfectly:

“I didn’t see myself being held back until I was a woman … the double standards in headlines, the double standards in the way stories are told, the double standards in the way things are perceived. A man writing about his feelings from a vulnerable place is brave; a woman writing about her feelings from a vulnerable place is oversharing or whining. Misogyny is ingrained in people from the time they are born. So to me, feminism is probably the most important movement that you could embrace, because it’s just basically another word for equality.”

Pretty much took the words right out of everyone’s mouths.

Now, on to the irony of it all. Despite that fact that the magazine is trying to make a change, I don’t think I’m alone in saying that, when I think of Maxim, I essentially think of it as a publication that allows men to ogle women in the same way they would in Playboy or Hustler, but the fact that it’s Maxim protects them from judgment or being accused of reading porn in public. In fact, it’s described as a men’s magazine that’s prominent for its photography of actresses, singers, and models, and most, if not all, of their covers involve semi-naked women in one way or another. It seems interesting to me that this is the publication in which Taylor’s thoughts on feminism are voiced. Were the editors doing it intentionally in an effort to say to everyone, “Hey, look, we’re not so bad!”? Or did Taylor realize where she was and just wanted to insert some irony into some man’s daily viewing?

Either way, I’m left to feel simultaneously rubbed the wrong way by Maxim and proud of Taylor, so that’s a confusing way to feel on a Wednesday morning.

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