Taylor Swift’s Video From Her Fan’s Bridal Shower Will Break Your Snark Even Harder Than The Photos

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Taylor Swift attending fan's bridal shower in Ohio April 2014

Yeah, love's nice and everything, but can I eat one of those sliders back there?

Quick, somebody help me find something snarky to say about the video Taylor Swift just posted documenting her visit to her fan Gena Gabrielle's bridal shower this past weekend! If I don't say something snarky I think I might die. I'm like a shark, except instead of having to constantly move I have to make fun of Taylor Swift at least once a day. I don't know what's happening, but this whole shower situation is really giving me nothing to work with.

You might have seen the photos and tweets from Gena's social media accounts documenting the festivities. According to Gena, Taylor planned the trip at 1 AM and flew out to Ohio bearing baking-related presents. Oh, there it is! There's the snarky thing! Of course Taylor found a way to make it about baking… Eh, that was weak. I give up.

Of course, one of the most admirable parts of the whole thing in the first place was that Taylor wasn't the one documenting it, and I guess this video kind of defeats that. But I will give her credit for waiting a few days and giving Gena a chance to be in the spotlight. Plus, she seems so much more mellow and down-to-earth in this video since she's not dancing for the award show cameras or making winky, immature comments about her exes. She's also the one filming a lot of it instead of it being some big production. It seems more like an intimate documentation of friendship. Eww, did I just use those words in a sentence together? What's happening? This must be fixed immediately. Quick Taylor, make some more joke jam for Ed Sheeran! Stop doing this to me!

(Photo: Instagram)