Taylor Swift Went To A Fan’s Bridal Shower And Made The Rest Of Us Look Bad

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Taylor Swift attending fan's bridal shower in Ohio April 2014I find a lot to snark about when it comes to Taylor Swift, but not even I can throw shade on her choice of activities this past weekend.

Even though she's one of the busiest people on the planet, Taylor took time out of her schedule for a very important event — attending a fan's bridal shower. YEAH. For a fan. So basically while the rest of us were rolling out of bed or crushing bloody Mary's at brunch (me) on Sunday morning, Taylor was flying to Ohio to support a fan she'd met so many times over the past seven years that they actually became close friends. All throughout her Instagram account is photos of the two of them together over the years, and that all culminated in Taylor showing up in a big way yesterday morning.


And she didn't just show up, sing a song, and leave. From all the pictures and tweets, it really seemed like she came exclusively for Gena, because she didn't perform or take any attention away from the bridal shower. It was Gena's day, and it seems like Taylor really respected that, staying as long as she could and talking to everybody.

OH AND SHE BROUGHT PRESENTS. Lots of presents. Covering all your bases presents. Because not only did she give her a Kitchen Aid mixer, which is not only a generous gift, but also very useful…

She also got her an entire kitchen set, pretty much.


AND she gave her the batch of cookies that she baked with Olympian Gracie Gold last week…

AND made her an original piece of artwork to commemorate Gena's wedding in May, which Taylor can't make it to.

You're making the rest of us look bad, girl. I'm not even that good at gifts for my best friends.

And the worst part? I found out from the fan's social media, not from Taylor's. Which basically means that Taylor wasn't bragging, making it a truly good dead. Well played, Swift, well played.