A Complete Ranking of Taylor Swift’s Confirmed & Rumored Ex-Boyfriends

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Big Machine

We all know that Taylor Swift is a modern day icon who has written so many songs that have shaped our lives. Her songs about guys, rivals and friendships are ones that describe what we've all been through.

We all also know that one of Tay's biggest claims to fame (besides, of course, being a talented songstress) is dating a lot of guys in the public eye. We're also all guilty of having wayyy too many opinions over it. Like honestly, why do we even care? It's got to be because we're only human after all and she writes all these songs that just spill the tea over what went down. With all the gossip from the Queen of Pop herself, we feel like we know enough about these guys and their relationships with Taylor to rank them… right? And, just to make things interesting, we decided to include even guys she's only been *rumored* to date.