Mini Taylor Swift Acts Exactly Like You’d Expect In Her Music Video With Ed Sheeran

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Taylor Swift Ed Sheeran video

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran continue to be BFFs (just BFFs, you guys!) with the new music video for their song “Everything Has Changed.” And before I watched it, I was all, how are these two going to dispel rumors about them dating in a video of them doing a duet with romantic lyrics? Will they each be singing the song in separate rooms to separate fake people? Nope, they just cast miniature versions of themselves. That's right. This video is all about mini-Taylor and mini-Ed becoming friends and being cute. The kids look just like them, but they also act just like them, or at least Taylor's mini-me does. I don't know much about Ed Sheeran, but child Taylor Swift behaves exactly like you'd expect in this video.

We first see her wearing a lacy white dress with her signature blonde ringlets. And what's that on her back as she gets on the bus? A backpack? If only it were quirky and adorable. Oh look, it's an owl. We can check that off our list. This was all very Swiftian and cute, but I wasn't totally convinced until I saw mini-Taylor decorating a cookie in class. While the other kids squeeze unnaturally-colored icing onto sugar cookies, mini-Taylor puts together a meticulous French macaron sandwich with strawberries and cream. I suppose she brought these ingredients to school, because of course she did.

That's not enough to convince you? Mini-Taylor also dresses as a princess in the school play, because what else would she dress as? She also makes min-Ed do yoga with her on the sidelines while the other kids play soccer. Sure, he could have done it of his own volition, but what do you think?

If all this still isn't enough to make it obvious this girl is inspired by Taylor Swift, there's a shot of her sewing. Sewing! Then Ed and Taylor lie on a picnic blanket while he reads to her from The Notebook. Hold the phone. Yes, this is very Taylor. I imagine she asked all her old boyfriends to read to her from various Nicholas Sparks novels. But should these seven-year-olds (my estimation) be reading The Notebook? I've only seen the movie, but there's some inappropriate stuff in there, no?

No matter. We finish up the video with your typical Swiftian slow-dancing under starry lights in an empty gymnasium. And what's this? (Spoiler alert) These children have parents? And they're played by Ed and Taylor themselves? Wearing very similar outfits to the kids? This is certainly a new Taylor fantasy. The two adults have a moment, and I guess they're dating now. I don't know. But I do know the two Taylors are going home to play with cats.