Taylor Swift Made A Kanye Joke On A Jam Jar That She Gave Ed Sheeran, And No This Isn’t Mad Libs

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Last night, Ed Sheeran shared a photo on Instagram of a homemade jam jar from Taylor Swift that was covered in Kanye West's infamous 2009 VMA's interrupta-speech. It was funny because she replaced the word "video" with the word "jam." So at first, you're like, "hold up, where is this jam jar message going?" But then you're like, "oh I see what you did there Tay. You made a funny. You also made jam. But that's a discussion we won't have now. Not in front of everyone. And especially not in front of Meredith."

While I think it's lovely that Taylor Swift's over that unfortunate little incident, I'm worried that she might be going overboard with her usage. For example, she put it on a jam jar. Maybe it's just me, but that feels a tad, oh I don't know, excessive. I can see her pulling it out of her pocket at karaoke night in Rhode Island or when she plays VMAs with Selena Gomez during their slumber parties or even when she runs into Kanye and North West –"I'm really happy for you and I'm going to let you finish, but Kate Middleton made one of the best babies of all time." But I have a feeling that she's letting herself go too far with it. It's not applicable in every situation. Especially situations that involve Ed Sheeran and jam. She could've just labeled the jar "strawberry rhubarb" like everyone else does.

But she's Taylor Swift. If there'a victim card to be played, she plays it. Even if the card's four years old and even if the joke's stale and even if the incident wasn't so much an incident, but a surprisingly easy way for her to get more headlines than she ever dreamed possible. How she hasn't thanked him yet for rocketing her to fame, I don't know.

All that jam drama aside, I do hope the actual jam's good. I have a soft spot for Ed Sheeran. Truth be told, It's the same soft spot that Ron Weasley occupies when ABC Family has a Harry Potter marathon on. But it's a quality soft spot nonetheless.

(Photo: Instagram)