Just Because Taylor Swift Is Famous Doesn’t Mean Harry Styles Fans Won’t Send Her Death Threats

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Taylor Swift death threats Harry Styles One Direction fans Directioners 1D Twitter Selena Gomez Justin BieberWhen we heard that Taylor Swift is reportedly dating Harry Styles, we were at first worried—for both parties! If (and when) this implodes, Harry will be looking at some damning (and damn catchy) singles with thinly-veiled jabs at him, which is a lot more than his other exes can offer up. However, we're also worried for Taylor's sake, because Harry brings with him a really passionate Directioner fanbase who don't take well to their dream guy dating anyone.

So it may not surprise anyone to learn that only a few days after this rumored couple was revealed, Tay has already received several death threats over Twitter. According to The Sun, Directioners have tweeted messages like “I’ll murder Taylor Swift. She will not date my Harry” and “If u dating my harry, I kill u.” What a shitty thing to come across while she was en route to last night's American Music Awards (where Taylor took home the award for Favorite Female Artist – Country).

Like we said, this is a pattern that befalls the ladies who tangle with Harry. Models Edie Campbell and Emma Ostilly deleted their Twitter accounts earlier this year after getting harassed. Harry has also been linked with less-famous ladies who've received similar cyber-abuse. This passionate subset of Harry's fanbase doesn't seem to let fame get in the way of their threats.

Of course, many Directioners deride their crazier cousins. The aptly-named @OnlyLove1D summed up the problem perfectly in this tweet:

Just read an article about Taylor Swift getting death threats from 1D fans. Idk why you call yourself a fan if you do this #justsaying

I know that sometimes we tease Taylor Swift on this site, but no one deserves death threats. Seriously, guys.

That said, this kind of situation doesn't always spell doom for the fledgling relationship: When Selena Gomez started dating Justin Bieber in late 2010, she too suffered death threats from Beliebers. And those two were together for a good long time before breaking up. But now Selena and Taylor have even more in common. Along with recent photos of them getting dinner, it's further proof that these two girls are gonna team up, boys be damned.

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