We Shouldn’t Have Been Fooled By This Taylor Swift Death Hoax Because It’s Not Like She Has Anything To Be Depressed About Right Now

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Taylor Swift death hoax Twitter MTV News found dead home Saturday night responseI missed so much when I was moving (and without wifi) this weekend! We landed a new rover on Mars, McKayla Maroney fell at the Olympics, and Taylor Swift died. Wait, that third one isn't true. Instead, Tay was the latest victim of the ever-popular celebrity death hoax. A Twitter account trying to pass itself off as associated with MTV News tweeted that the perpetually-surprised country singer was found dead in her home on Sunday, but any panic that the pranksters were hoping for was short-lived. Gossip Cop quickly reported on the false news, and MTV has since corroborated that it's not true.

Seriously, guys? We should be able to find better ways to amuse ourselves than writing fan fiction about our favorite celebrities biting it; in fact, if you think about it, that's really fucking creepy. Thankfully, Twitter didn't explode with tweets spreading the rumor the way they did with the Usher death hoax four months ago. Mostly because these Taylor haters chose the exact wrong time to push out their fake news. See, this isn't Taylor's first time at the rodeo: In 2009, shortly after Kanye West‘s infamous “I'mma let you finish…” speech at the VMAs, some websites reported that Taylor had died. It's difficult to track down the original postings, but as I remember it, it was alluded that Taylor had killed herself out of humiliation and depression. Considering how unexpected and weird the Kanye/Taylor thing was, enough people believed that the fragile 19-year-old had cracked under the stress.

But these days, T. Swift is flying high. She's been linked to several young men from political families, including Patrick Schwarzenegger and Conor Kennedy. (And yes, those two are somehow related through the Kennedy connection.) Sure, her parents are getting divorced, but Forbes just calculated that Tay earned $57 million in the last year by writing songs about just this kind of heartbreak and betrayal. There's no way she feels the need to off herself at this point in time.

Taylor Swift death hoax found dead at home Sunday responseNow the only piece left to fall into place is for Taylor to respond to the death hoax like Usher did. I'd like to think that her tweet from Sunday night at 8:48 p.m. is a response to the hoax, especially because the caption reads She's actually watching the Olympics. It's a twitpic of her cat, but that just seems like such a Taylor Swift way to say “fuck you” to all her online haters.

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