Here Are Exactly 9 Things Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Can Do Together During This Dating Charade

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Taylor Swift Jingle BallWell it looks like Taylor Swift and Harry Styles will continue to pretend date each other into the new year. You know, because why not. No one wants to spend a publicity stunt alone. Or is that New Years? I spent all weekend watching Jude Law cry in The Holiday and googling “are those British kids up for adoption yet?” so I'm a little off base with my holiday lessons.

According to an extremely insightful Hollywood Life article helpfully titled, “Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Could Spend NYE & January Together,” we now know two possible things they could dtogether.

Knowing these two hangouts are possible got me thinking about all the other things this “couple” could do together. There are a lot. Okay not a lot. A few simple mathematical equations made me realize that there are approximately 9 other things this couple could do together besides spend New Years and Christmas together.

For you convenience, I have listed them.

1. Re-enact the scene in Girls where Lena Dunham eats cupcakes in the bathtub. Surprisingly, Taylor Swift will play Lena Dunham just for the thrill of eating in the bathtub. What a bad girl!

2. Watch the 1947 version of Miracle on 34th Street AND the 1994 version. Then have a debate over the artistic value of each film. Black-and-white versus Matilda! Ooo, I'm getting heated just thinking about it.

3. Play M.A.S.H. Followed by a bout of giggling when Taylor Swift gets matched up with another One Direction member. Also she's going to live in a shack. LOL!!!

4. Eat frosting right out of the container. The holidays are for indulging yourself. Then feeling sorry for yourself. Then eating your sorry feelings out of a container of frosting.

5. Prank call Ethel Kennedy. Because they actually can. 

6. Watch old episodes of CSI: Miami on the DVR. Season three's not going to watch itself. 

7. Google “What is Yuletide?” No one actually knows. But everyone says it!

8. Sign up for Groupon. Then unsubscribe because rich people don't need good deals.

9. Do Yogalates. Because you only live once and it's fun to say words that got combined together for no reason. Words like Haylor.

(Photo: Darla Khazei, PacificCoastNews.com)