There’s Nothing At All Crazy About Taylor Swift Buying A House In England…If It’s Opposite Day

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Taylor Swift coatWord on the Radar Online streets is that Taylor Swift's buying a house in the English countryside because she finds it absolutely charming and absolutely picturesque. Two words she also used to describe her boyfriend Harry Styles. Speaking of Harry Styles, his mom lives in the very English countryside where Taylor Swift allegedly wants to buy property.

How about that? What a not-at-all-planned coincidence? It reminds me of the time that a pop star bought a house in Hyannis to be closer to her boyfriend Conor Kennedy in summer 2012 after only dating for a few months. Who was that again? It will come to me, give me a second. Hmmm.


Taylor Swift wants to purchase property near her boyfriend's childhood home for the second time this year. Which is not at all indicative of someone who needs to speak to a professional about her relationship patterns. Nope, this is all very normal behavior for a 23-year-old woman.

Why I remember the time I turned 23 and I bought a house right next to my boyfriend's house. He was all like, “whoa psychopath we only went on one date…” And I was all like, “but you said you'd call me and you never did so I thought this was the best way to reach you!” And then he did that cute thing where he freaks out and starts yelling things like, “restraining order!” Just thinking about it makes me want to text him sweet nothings about our fond memories together. I'll never forget the look on his face when he walked out of his shower and saw me sitting on his bed. The surprise, the shock, his mumbled, “b-b-but the alarm?”

Just thinking about it makes me want to give Taylor Swift a big hug and a big keychain. She's going to need both of those if she keeps purchasing property near her boyfriends' childhood homes.

God, she's such a human Hallmark card I can't stand it!

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