Taylor Swift Treats Her Boyfriend To A Romantic Weekend, Returns Him In Time For Monday Classes

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Aww, young love. With the exception of inter-species animal friendships,  there's nothing more precious in the entire world. Especially when Taylor Swift gets involved.

Our fellow romance-lovers over at People brought us the heartwarming story  about Taylor Swift picking up her boyfriend Conor Kennedy this weekend at The Deerfield Boarding School for Boys Who Date Celebrities.

On Saturday, Swift, 22, and Kennedy, 18, headed for the intimately lit Taylor's Tavern & Restaurant in Greenfield, Mass., a quaint New England town only a few miles from Kennedy's prep school in Deerfield.  “They were very happy and very polite,” says a source. “She was very sweet.”

While no one can confirm this, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess they soulfully fed each other spoonfuls of New England clam chowder. Just pausing every so often to talk about Conor's horribly unfair history teacher who yelled at Conor for talking to this friend during class — even though he was just answering his friend's question about their homework assignment.

After they finished dinner, Taylor allegedly drove Conor back to school and signed him into his dorm. He made sure all his friend were looking from their windows and then kissed her goodbye. He stood on the sidewalk waving at her as she drove away, before going upstairs and telling all his friends that she let him graze her boob on their way out of the restaurant.

They high-fived him, told him “bro, that's awesome,” and then asked if he understand that last question on their chemistry homework because the assignment is due first thing in the morning and no one can figure it out.

(Photo: Honopix, PacificCoastNews.com)