Here Are Those Vines Of Taylor Swift Dancing At The IHeartRadio Music Awards That You Ordered

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Here Are Those Vines Of Taylor Swift Dancing At The iHeartRadio Music Awards That You Ordered taylor gif

Ah, yes, another awards show, another opportunity for Taylor Swift to showcase her gloriously awkward dancing abilities. She had quite the eventful night at the iHeartRadio Music Awards last night, and some wonderful viewers put her best moments on Vine. Because if Taylor Swift danced at an awards show and it wasn’t put on the Internet for all to see, did it really happen? (Yes.)

Before we get to the dancing, I thought I should prime you with a relatively classic T.Swift freak-out, featuring special guest Justin Timberlake! Somehow they ended up seated together, and it allowed for a very special moment. (Side bar: I want to have a conversation with the person who makes the seating charts for these awards shows, because apparently Hailee SteinfeldRyan SeacretSnoop Dogg, and designer Tom Ford were all at that table, too. I mean….WTF?) Here’s JT and Taylor’s shared reaction to Taylor winning the award for Best Lyrics for “Blank Space”:
There’s nothing I love more than watching the elegant gazelle that is Justin Timberlake fangirl with the annoyingly overly enthusiastic T.Sweezy (that’s what her friends call her, for those not in the know).

As fun as that Vine is, I know what you’re really here to see, and I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Here’s Taylor dancing to Snoop Dogg’s “Peaches ‘N Cream,” of all songs:

I love how, at the very end, you can see Taylor attempting to copy the woman next to her. It’s almost like she knows how bad she is, but she’s trying to learn from her elders. You’ll get there one day, Tay-Tay. I believe in you. Until then, just keep on dancing. It provides me with hours of laughs.

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