Taylor Swift Buys Vacation Home Next To Her New Dude’s Vacation Home So They Can Be Together Forever

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Taylor Swift Buys Vacation Home Next To Her New Dude s Vacation Home So They Can Be Together Forever taylorswift 640x415 jpg

I’ve always thought Taylor Swift gets her heart broken a suspicious amount. Even if you date people like John Mayer, there are only so many kiss-offs you can write before people start to wonder if the problem is you. And her recent purchase of a vacation home right next to that of Conor Kennedy, her boyfriend of a few months, makes me think she might be at least partly to blame for her history of dramatic relationship failure.

According to People, Taylor Swift has just purchased a house right across the street from one owned by Conor’s grandmother in lovely Hyannis Port, MA. Because your three-month anniversary is the house-buying anniversary, right? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel like you might want to date someone for at least a year before you start investing in mansions, because you can’t just pick up a house and take it elsewhere, should things get awkward after a break up.

This may also have the unintended effect of totally freaking her new boyfriend out, because hot, rich, 18-year-old boys are not exactly known for their commitment to settling down. I can see it now:

Taylor Swift (pinwheel-eyed): “Conor, sweetie, I just got a house next to yours so we can be together forever! Also, it’s weird to make love at your grandma’s.”

Conor Kennedy: [Already hiding in the titanium space cave Kennedys save for such occasions.]

I know everything feels super intense and important when you’re 22, and you want to lock that boy in FOR LIFE before you both turn into decrepit 25-year-olds, but maybe Tay Tay should take a step back and give things a chance to develop.

Or maybe she just really likes playing golf with old rich people. Who knows?

(Via People)

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