Whoops! Cosmo Publishes A ‘Taylor Swift, Crazy For A Kennedy’ Cover A Month After The Break-Up

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In awkward news, Cosmopolitan debuted their December cover with Taylor Swift today —  a cover that happens to imply she's still dating her high-school-age boyfriend Conor Kennedy. Even though (cue the saddest violin music ever) they allegedly broke up a month ago.

Unless of course, we go with the idea that “crazy for a Kennedy” refers to Ethel Kennedy. An idea that I don't think is that far from reality.

USA Today pointed out Cosmo's mistake this morning and now I just can't stop mourning the former couple. It seems like just last week we ordered our Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy commemorative plates — and now we're forced to relive the break-up all over again.

Dammit Cosmo! Why must you pour a Costco-sized container of salt into our wound. It's more painful than the time we fell off the side of the sailboat during a mimosa sunrise brunch in Hyannis.

If we can learn anything from the mistake that Cosmopolitan made on their December cover, it's that you should never work ahead. Live in the moment, dance in the rain and test every deadline.

Because you know what, if the Cosmo editors hadn't been such overachievers, they wouldn't have sent in their cover to the cover-makers (that's a technical magazine term you probably don't even understand) on time — and therefore wouldn't have printed their “Taylor Swift, Crazy for a Kennedy” line.

And that's why we never turn anything in early.