Taylor Swift Gets Distracted By Photos Of Her Cat During Shows, How Classic

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Taylor Swift performing on Red Tour July 2013Taylor Swift sat down backstage with Rolling Stone recently to give an interview, and as usual, I ended up with more questions than I started out, namely, how old are you really. I get that she's twenty-three, although still masquerading as a twenty-two year old, but I'm also becoming more and more convinced that she might also be a little old lady. She switches back and forth between maturity levels, though, so it's really hard to pin her down and get an accurate read on it.

The main thing leading me to the conclusion that she's your grandma wearing a Taylor Swift skin-suit is her obsession with antiquing, as revealed to us by Harry Styles, and her fascination with her cat, as revealed to us by every interview Taylor has ever given ever. This cat's name is Meredith, which is a totally normal name for a cat, as long as that cat is a human, and it's apparently one of Taylor's only natural weaknesses, as it can distract her during her sold-out shows on the Red Tour.

“Sometimes I get really caught up in reading the signs, and if I get too caught up I will start to read the signs when I'm singing, so I have to make sure I'm only reading signs in musical breaks. [The signs] are all pretty out there most of the time, which I like. There will be people who just make a giant, huge picture of my cat's face, so big that it's all I can see, and that usually gets my attention. My cat out there, giant photocopy of her, eight foot by eight foot.”

You know, it's just one of those things where Taylor's singing her way through a bunch of songs and then her eye is caught by a sign in the crowd and she's like, “Meredith, is that you? Are you in danger? Why are you so large? Have you come to warn me I forgot to turn off Titanic from when I was watching it last night and now the swelling music from the menu screen has been on loop for the past eight hours? I'm so sorry Meredith, mommy's coming home soon. Now where was I? Which boyfriend am I singing about? I'm in the middle of a completely new song, and who changed my clothes?”

These are just the hazards of the trade when you're Taylor Swift, y'know? Keep on fighting the good fight out there, powering through your concerts. Meredith and I have faith in you.

(Image: Joel Ginsburg / WENN.com)