In Disappointing News, Taylor Swift Is Not Buying A Castle In Scotland

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In Disappointing News  Taylor Swift Is Not Buying A Castle In Scotland Taylor Swift Love Story gif


There are a lot of rumors out there about Taylor Swift at any given time. If she’s not believed to be dating someone she merely made eye contact with one time, she’s thought to be insuring her legs for $40 million. Or that she’s buying a 16th century castle in Scotland to be closer to her Scottish boyfriend Calvin Harris. Unfortunately, Taylor had to go and deny this rumor on Twitter yesterday, ruining all our fun.

People reports that Taylor was said to be looking at the Tower of Lethendy, a $7 million castle with eight bedrooms and a private golf course on almost 40 acres that is apparently near where Calvin lives. The real estate listing says it also has a swimming pool, two tennis courts, seven bathrooms, two gate lodges and two cottages.  I mean, just look at this place.

In Disappointing News  Taylor Swift Is Not Buying A Castle In Scotland Tower of Lethendy jpg

(Photo: Savills)

I WANT TO GO TO THERE. And hey, $7 million is chump change for Taylor. Just think about how perfect this would be for her, for more reasons than just boyfriend proximity. She could film all her music videos there, decorate every room with ideas from Pinterest, and have fancy dinner parties with her herd of friends.

Plus, it would be a great message for girls, like “Be the princess of your own castle” or something else that would look really cute written in glitter glue. Basically, I see no reason for Taylor not to buy this place. And not gonna lie, I mostly just want to see all her Instagram photos of the place and live vicariously through her, because castles are the shit.

But sadly, it’s not happening. Taylor denied the rumor on Twitter after taking the opportunity to quote her own song.

But Taylor, just think about how fun it would be to decorate for Halloween. Or with Christmas lights. Your cats would have so much fun roaming around. WHY WON’T YOU DO THIS FOR ME?