This Fan Crashed Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris’ Dinner And Got Creative With The Picture

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This Fan Crashed Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris  Dinner and Got Creative With the Picture Taylor Swift Calvin Harris dinner fan 2016 jpg

What would you do if you spotted one of the biggest (and highest-paid) celebrity couples in existence having dinner together at the same restaurant as you? Would you covertly snap a grainy picture and post it on Twitter for fans to go crazy over? Would you casually walk past their table and have your friend sneakily take a picture of the three of you together without them knowing? Would you just shoot them a quick “OMG I LOVE YOUR WORK!” and then run off to feel embarrassed for the rest of the day? Or would you sit down at their table, grab one of their menus, and pose for a picture as if you’re great buddies?

Well, for one young fan (or, if not fan, person who knows what celebrities look like) who spotted Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris dining together at Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica earlier this week, the answer is the last one. Except he went a step above acting like their buddy and right into acting like their son. Ricky Selby posed for the above photo with the couple and captioned it, “Awesome dinner with mom and dad.”

You gotta commend his creativity. I probably wouldn’t even have the guts to say a simple hello to these two, let alone be bold enough to sit down at their table and stage something like this. I just hope they weren’t bothered by it, and that Calvin got his menu back quickly so he could get back to choosing a meal. At least they’re both smiling, although I can’t imagine Taylor expected her romantic candle-in-a-mason-jar-lit dinner, for which she dressed up in her fanciest backless skater dress and sparkly flower headband, to be crashed by a kid looking to take a funny Instagram photo that’ll get (as of now) 16.5K likes. But I suppose life is full of surprises when you’re T-Swift.

(Photo: Instagram)