Taylor Swift Drops Hints About Calvin Harris Breakup In Behind-the-Scenes Video Of “Gorgeous”

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With just a little more than a week standing between us and Taylor Swift‘s new album, the Reputation singer is giving fans a sneak peek into her songwriting process. To kick off her new The Making Of A Song series with AT&T, Taylor shared a video going behind the scenes of “Gorgeous,” and not only did it prove this lady puts a ton of hard work into her music, but it also sounds like she may have been dropping some hints about ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris in the lyrics that didn’t make the final cut of the song.

If you’ve been listening to “Gorgeous” on repeat since it hit iTunes last month, you already know that Taylor supposedly wrote it while her relationship with Calvin was winding down. You know the part where she sings, “I’ve got a boyfriend/He’s older than us/He’s in the club doing I don’t know what”? Yeah, that wasn’t the way the original line went while Taylor was writing.

Check it out:

As you can see in the video, the line was originally, “I’ve got a boyfriend/He’s older than us/I haven’t seen him in a couple of months.” Wait. WHOA.

To us, Taylor and Calvin’s split last year came out of nowhere. It seemed like they were seriously meant to be, and then one day, it was just — *gasp* — over. But if that line really is supposed to be about Calvin — and it seems to be, since he spends a lot of time in clubs as a DJ and at 33 is definitely older than 27-year-old Taylor — it makes their breakup a little less shocking. After all, not seeing each other for months at a time? We get that long distance is hard, but if two chart-topping artists want to see each other, it’s probably not that hard to hop on a private flight.

And aside from Taylor possibly revealing details about her breakup with Calvin, this video is also proof positive that she works incredibly hard at crafting lyrics. Over the course of the video, she’s working on the song for several days and in four different outfits, trying to perfect just the first verse. Say what you want about Taylor, but you can’t call her a lazy songwriter.

Just in case you need one more reason to be pumped about Reputation, this video is definitely it. We can’t wait to see what else Taylor comes up with — and the rest of the videos in this series!