I’m Already Over The Taylor Swift Boob Job Rumors

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Taylor Swift SideboobThere are a lot of reasons to dislike Taylor Swift. I can probably name 16 off the top of my head right now, right here. So can poor red-headed Abigail. From her incredibly calculated public image to her slut shaming lyrics to her constant need to play the victim in relationships, I think there are a lot of reason to find problems with her incredible popularity in this country. However her alleged boob job isn't one of them.

Rumors recently started circulating that she accidentally revealed her implants while wearing her white revenge dress at the 2013 People's Choice Awards. Obviously a plastic surgeon who's never met the star, let alone consulted with her on plastic surgery felt the need to speak out about this to In Touch magazine. Because while some doctors study ethics in med school, others study the art of perfecting the tabloid quote. It's obvoiusly a very personal choice.

So go on Dr. Michael Fiorillo, tell us what you observed when you stared at Taylor Swift's boobs!

Plastic surgeon Dr Michael Fiorillo, who has not treated the star, says she went from an A cup to a B. And after looking at a photograph of her in the People's Choice white dress, he said: ‘You can see the implants.' The magazine reports that  the singer has been ‘looking noticeably bustier in recent months,' and remarks that Taylor's new look is not the result of a growth spurt.

While I'm not a doctor, I'm not exactly sure how looking at a few inches of cleavage can really reveal anything. But I'm also not sure why it even matters. Who among us hasn't looked in the mirror and wanted to change something about her body? Or many things. Some days, everything. Even though I've decided plastic surgery isn't the right option for me, there are definitely days when I stare at my nose in the mirror and think “maybe.” So I can never really fault people — famous or not — for getting plastic surgery. As long as it's not at the Heidi Montag level of obvious other problems and as long as it's not hypocritical to what that person publicly preaches, I think it's okay. Taylor Swift sends many messages to young women, but sadly I don't think loving your body has ever been one of them.

So rather than focusing on the fact that Taylor Swift may or may not have implants, let's focus on the fact that she's currently writing revenge music about someone she dated for a few weeks. I think that's much more concerning to us as Americans than whether or not her boobs look bigger.

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