Taylor Swift Killed Two Birds With One Stone With A Christmas-Themed Birthday Party

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Taylor Swift Killed Two Birds With One Stone With a Christmas Themed Birthday Party Taylor Swift Calvin Harris birthday party 2015 jpg

(Photo: Instagram)

Yesterday Taylor Swift turned 26 years old. (I knew how old she was without even looking, because all she ever talks about is being born in 1989, and I’m able to do math.) Can you believe how time flies? It seems like just yesterday she was feeling 22 at 23, and not long before that she was actually 22. While you go ahead and have your existential crisis over the fleeting nature of time, allow me to tell you about Taylor’s birthday party.

Remember when Taylor told us she knew we were all sick of her and thought she should take a break? Well, it looks like she could have already taken the first step to do so by combining her birthday and Christmas into one celebration. Killing two birds with one stone, I see. Or maybe she’s also planning a big celebrity-filled Christmas party and this actually isn’t a way to be efficient. Let’s face it, Taylor can’t stay away from the cookie cutters for long.

No matter what the reason for the yuletide theme, it was there, and we have pictures to prove it. E! News reports that the festivities took place at Apple executive Jimmy Iovine’s house in Malibu. Even her birthday party appears to have been carefully constructed to boost PR, since Taylor recently announced she’ll be releasing a film detailing her 1989 tour on Apple Music. So yeah, even if the Christmas combo isn’t true, she’s definitely killing two birds with one stone.

Iovine’s son Jamie Iovine took a selfie during the party with Taylor and her boyfriend Calvin Harris (above), captioning it, “I was just adopted by @calvinharris and @taylorswift mom and dad are gonna show me the good life now.” You heard it here first, folks — Taylor and Calvin are parents.

Taylor and Calvin also posed together with Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, because it wouldn’t be a Christmas party if they didn’t. Taylor also posted her own birthday throwback photo on Instagram, along with an admittedly great caption.

Happy birthday, Tay Tay. Here’s to another year of me being confused about my opinion of you!