Taylor Swift Has So Many Best Friends She Actually Refers To Them As Her ‘Team’

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Taylor Swift Has So Many Best Friends She Actually Refers To Them As Her  Team  Taylor Swift friends photo November 2014 jpg

Taylor Swift had a busy weekend. Last night she attended the 2014 AMAs, where she terrified the masses with her crazy eyes and also got photobombed after her friend Selena Gomez’s performance by a guy with the most epic side eye I’ve seen in a very long time. Speaking of Taylor’s friends, she has a lot of them, and earlier in the weekend she hung out with some of them at Sarah Hyland’s 24th birthday party.

Taylor Swift has acquired so many BFFs at this point that she actually refers to them as a “team.” This is what she captioned the above photo:

“The whole team at @therealsarahhyland’s 24th birthday soirée last night.”

Just in case you want to balance your Taylor Swift BFF book, that photograph of other photographs (of course) depicts the following ladies: Hailee Steinfeld, Jaime King, Lorde, and Kelly Osbourne. At first I thought that girl in red was Natalie Dormer, but I’m pretty sure she’s too busy ruling the universe to be seen at one of these parties. Then I realized it’s the birthday girl herself, Sarah Hyland. And there’s also a new member by the name of Ellie Goulding, also known as that girl who put that “Lights” song in your head and wouldn’t let it out.

I’m a little concerned that Taylor referred to these ladies as her “whole team.” There are so many people missing. Like Selena, for example, who’s only like the most important member, right? And what about Lena Dunham? Or Karlie Kloss? Or Ed Sheeran, the one boy she allows in despite the “NO BOYZ ALLOWED” sign? Did they get cut? You can’t go around using phrases like “whole team” and expect us not to worry, Taylor.

And anyway, why aren’t they wearing their TEAM SWIFT jerseys? Blow that whistle and get these girls in shape, Taylor. How do you expect to win the state championships if you’re this disorganized? Clear (cat) eyes, full (hand) hearts, can’t lose, remember?

(Photo: Instagram)