In More Taylor Swift Evil Genius News, She Dances At Award Shows Because She Knows It Will Get Her Attention

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Taylor Swift dancing awkward awards shows

While we can debate all the live long day about the pros and cons of Taylor Swift, I think Swifties and Haterz can all agree that she's a marketing mastermind when it comes to her music. She's learned exactly what people want from her and she delivers it each time. Do you think she enjoys being known as the world's foremost revenge lyricist? Of course not. No one aspires to grow up to be the president of the She-Woman Man-Hating Club. But that's her niche and that's where she's successful. So expect her next album to be just as full of relationship riddles as “Red.”

Also expect her to keep on awkwardly dancing at award shows! As (totally legit) sources reveal exclusively to Hollywood Life, Taylor knows exactly what she's doing when she stands up at award shows and dances like the mom stuck chaperoning her daughter's 7th grade class to a Taylor Swift concert.

“Taylor can take the good, but really can’t take the bad. She loves dancing during shows and she knows the cameras will be on her,” a source

See that there? She KNOWS the cameras will be on her. This isn't her just “feeling” her competitor's music and feeling inspired to get down — and you know she calls it “getting down” during impromptu slumber party dance parties with her best friends — this is her putting on her evil genius hat and doing what it takes to be in the spotlight. Even if the spotlight's supposed to be on someone else. Like the person PERFORMING on stage. It's almost like a backhanded compliment. If backhanded compliments came to life and looked like this:

Taylor Swift dancing awkwardly grammys

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