Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne Debut Videos

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Taylor Swift  Avril Lavigne Debut Videos Taylor Swift3 jpgTaylor Swift pays tribute to her fans in the new video for her song “Fearless.” Backstage footage, shots of adoring fans, and stadiums full of screaming Taylor disciples are edited together with a semi-distracting old-timey effect. After Taylor’s seemingly faux-modesty at the Grammys, do you think it’s a genuine homage to the people who buy her records, or an attempt to get her public image back to where it was before? Judge for yourself:

Avril Lavigne released her video for “Alice,” the theme song from Tim Burton‘s Alice in Wonderland, and it’s so very…Avril-like. Moody, bright colors, kinda angsty and that familiar twangy voice. She’s still got that Rock of Love-style two-tone hair, but the recent divorcee’s long blonde locks resemble Alice star Mia Wasikowska — appropriate, considering Avril’s footage is inter-cut with clips from the movie (which looks breathtaking, by the way). Wonder what Avril’s rumored bf Brody Jenner thinks of the clip.

What do you think of Avril’s new video? Does it make you excited to see Alice?