Bet You’re Wondering What Taylor Swift’s Big Important Announcement Was

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Bet You re Wondering What Taylor Swift s Big Important Announcement Was Taylor Swift Yahoo Live Stream announcement August 2014 640x339 jpgAt 5:00pm on a Monday, you’re very unlikely to still be at your desk waiting on some sort of video announcement, but that’s exactly where Taylor Swift wanted you this afternoon. She’s been teasing some sort of announcement on Yahoo LiveStream for weeks now, and today was finally the fateful day when it all played out.

But you’d already left for the day when it streamed, don’t lie! (Don’t worry, I won’t tell your boss.) So what I’m gonna do is give you the bulletpoints. Cause ain’t nobody got time to watch Taylor Swift talk about her art for a solid half an hour. We have jobs and lives.


  1. The first thing is, she has a new song called ‘Shake It Off’, and she jumped around with the audience as it played.
  2. She also revealed that the album she’s been working on for the past two years will be called ‘1989’, because it was inspired by late 80s pop, and it will be out on October 27th, although you can pre-order it at taylorswift.com RIGHT NOW. It’s also her first official pop album, so get psyched.
  3. AND she already made a video for it! And even coming from a skeptic like me, I can tell you it’s super likable. It’s her shaking herself around awkwardly in front of trained, extremely-skilled dancers. Curse you, Taylor, you got me again!

She also revealed some little tidbits like the fact that the deluxe version would have three bonus tracks of early recording sessions on her phone, to make the writing process a little more transparent, which I thought was cool. So what do we think? Looking forward to this album? I think I like the first single, so that bodes well, right?