Taylor Swift Takes Off Her Dress While Performing At The AMAs, Reveals Lower Calves

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As I yawned my way through the first hour of the 2012 American Music Awards, I began to lose hope that anything exciting would happen. That we'd have to accept Linkin Park winning an award in 2012 as the most surprising moment of the evening.

But then Taylor Swift, America's very own fairy-tale princess, took off her dress while singing “I Knew You Were Trouble” and I realized we finally had an awards-show-shocking-moment on our hands. Sure it wasn't a nip slip, but I think Taylor Swift's mid-performance stripshow's the closest we'll ever get to her doing something scandalous and unexpected.

In case you're watching Sister Wives (the only reason to not be watching this awards show) and missed it, let me sum up what happened.

First Taylor Swift stepped onto stage wearing her best David's Bridal dress. It covered her from her lower neck to her mid-ankle. Then she began singing about how she knew some mysterious guy was trouble. However the dancers on the stage all wore masks and suits. So duh she knew they were trouble. NEVER TRUST A MAN IN A MASK AND A SUIT. That's like common sense 101.

Anyway, one second she's dancing around stage in this g-rated white dress — and the next second she's stripped down to a  PG-rated red corset and black gauze-y tutu. Yes it happened that fast. While her second dress didn't reveal anything exciting like her midriff or her thigh, it certainly gave us an idea what her lower legs looked like.

And that's a nice treat in the middle of a boring awards show.

Watch the entire performance right here:

(Photos: Tumblr/My TV)