Heidi Klum Stole Taylor Swift’s AMAs Gown, But Taylor Still Wore It Better

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Heidi Klum AMAs gown copy stole Taylor Swift wore it better photos twitpicsUsually we're unabashed fans of everything Heidi Klum wears—Halloween costumes, vow renewal wedding gowns (sob), even simply casual wear for picking her kids up from school. But we just cannot get behind her American Music Awards gown, because we saw the same look earlier this very evening.

As you can see, both Heidi and Taylor Swift opted for glittery, gold-ish gowns just sheer enough to tease their naughty bits without showing anything. But because we saw Taylor first — you know, when she pretended to be surprised about winning Favorite Female Artist: Country — I can't help but feel like Heidi ripped her off.

Tumblr seems to think so, too. The majority of comments I've seen deride Heidi for dressing the same as a girl almost half her age. Heidi Klum, why are you dressed like Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood? one person writesYou were a model, and models usually have an amazing, edgy fashion sense. WHERE IS YOURS????

Of course, these ladies' stylists could be to blame. Glittery gowns seem to be in right now — we've seen them at past awards shows — and they're both pretty blondes. But I do think Taylor wore it better. Her hairstyle is less severe than Heidi's, and the nude color of her gown is more understated. Whereas Heidi looks like she's channeling an Oscar statuette or something else more glitzy.

Heidi Klum AMAs gown copy stole Taylor Swift wore it better photos twitpics

Amazing how Taylor's exposed-clavicle-and-long-sleeves combo works better than Heidi's bare arms but covered neck. I would feel worse about playing Who Wore It Better here, but Heidi seems to be doing just fine with her new bodyguard boyfriend. And Taylor got to wear a whole other dress, which she then ripped off in the most salacious performance of the evening.

Photos: @heidiklum, @TVZNews