Even If You Don’t Like Taylor Swift, You’ll Love The Outfit She Wore To The ACMAs

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Taylor Swift attending the 2014 ACMAsFull disclosure — it sounds like most of the people working around me presently completely disagree with my opinion of the dress that Taylor Swift wore to the 2014 ACMAs last night.

(That's Academy Of Country Music Awards for all you peons out there who were watching the Game Of Thrones season four premiere last night instead of being glued to CMT. Shame on you.)

Anyway, like I said, that title is a bit misleading, because I'm apparently the only person in this office who doesn't completely hate what Taylor's wearing or think she looks like Kendall Jenner while wearing it. But it's my blog post and you're all just living on it, so the title stays!

I'm far from Taylor's biggest fan, but for whatever reason, I'm completely obsessed with her outfit. And hopefully you will be too, so I'm not so alone in the world. She's wearing what's being called a J. Mendel gown, but it's really two separate pieces. There's a form-fitting white crop top with short sleeves and matching geometric cutouts over her clavicle, and it's paired with a floor-length black skirt with an extreeeeemely high slit. Like, not quite Angelina Jolie heights, but we're getting pretty close.

She's also wearing Casadei heels, casually tousled hair, and Jennifer Fisher jewelry, all of which I think are really nice and understated. But I could be biased, because frankly, I'm just thrilled Taylor's stopped tucking her hair under itself for that weird Old Hollywood look. I was pretty over that. But this feels like such a breath of fresh air! It's so great that I don't even mind that her makeup's a little intense and that she didn't win for either of the awards she was up for — Entertainer Of The Year and Female Vocalist Of The Year.

It's the kind of dress that makes me understand why she dances in the front row at award shows, y'know? Because if I had that body and looked like she does in that dress, you better believe I'd be shaking my parts around whenever music was playing.

Damn girl. I'm impressed. Write a song that's as good as that dress, and you'll be a shoe-in for both those awards in 2015.

(Photo: Judy Eddy / WENN.com)