Even Taylor Swift’s Cat Is Unimpressed By Her Attempts To Make Fun Of Herself In This Video

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Taylor Swift and Meredith ACM consideration video March 2014

When I heard that Taylor Swift made a For Your Consideration video for the ACM Awards in which she pokes fun at herself, I sat back in my throne, waved my scepter around, and declared, “Amuse me, celebrity!” I do the same thing before most of the videos I watch, but especially if it features a celebrity supposedly displaying self-awareness.

While I appreciate that Taylor didn't post a video of herself making a surprise face and gasping, “I'm so honored to have won the opportunity to make this consideration video,” I was a bit underwhelmed by her attempts at self-parody. Of course, it would take a lot for Taylor Swift to coax an approving laugh out of me. But in my defense, even Taylor's cat Meredith seems underwhelmed too. In case you're unaware, Meredith is a total bitch who hates everyone, including Taylor. She also happens to be my spirit animal. That's right, my spirit animal is an actual animal. I know that's unusual, since most people's spirit animals are human Jennifer Lawrence, but I went the actual animal direction. I'm bold like that.

But back to this video and Taylor making fun of herself. I definitely appreciate the effort, and I think this could be a step in the right direction for her. But it's kind of like one of those videos you make in high school for your history class where you're like, “What's a creative way to make a history class video? I know, let's make a history class video about making a history class video! I don't want to scare you guys, but I think we're geniuses.” Taylor spends the whole time ignoring calls about the video so she can paint her nails, talk about boys, and feed Meredith cat treats. That's pretty much what I assume Taylor Swift does every day anyway, right? Since I form all my opinions based on Meredith, and she seems unimpressed, I'll be unimpressed too.