This Video Of Taylor Swift Getting Accosted Onstage Will Make You Glad You’re Not Famous

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Taylor swift holding up you ok sign GIFFor all that their lives seem amazing on Instagram or at awards shows, it's important to remember that being a celebrity is actually pretty tough. In between the fancy meals and the private jets and the exotic vacations, they have to deal with some very real stuff that the rest of us don't even have to imagine. And if you need any more of a reminder of that than the one I just gave you, look no further than this video of Taylor Swift.

It was taken two nights ago at her concert in London in the O2 Arena, at the end of her song ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together', when a fan came out of the audience, somehow got onto the stage, and ran straight up to Taylor while she was in the middle of her performance. She seems completely shocked to turn around and see that he'd run up that whole flight of stairs behind her. It happens at about six minutes in, check it out:

Luckily for everyone involved, it seems like all he really wanted was a handshake, and he was so flustered to have made it up onstage that he didn't really know what to do with himself — but what took her security so long? He had already had an interaction with Taylor and turned around to go back down the stairs by the time they got to him.

I understand that there were a ton of people onstage at that moment, and that it was a transition into a new song, so very chaotic and difficult to see someone who wasn't supposed to be there, but c'mon! That's a moment at which you need to be even more vigilant! If that dude had wanted to hurt her, he could easily have done it before they manhandled him offstage.

Taylor's a true professional, because she was really gracious to the guy and was able to keep the show going, which is super impressive, but this whole thing is still very scary. When you're that famous, it's never the sane people who think it's okay to jump onstage and hang out with you at a concert they paid to attend. JUST SAYING.

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