Taylor Kitsch Is A Beautiful Human Being, It’s Just A Shame He Can’t Act

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Poor, poor Taylor Kitsch. So beautiful and so untalented. Why does fate work like that and how did he pull off Tim Riggins so well on Friday Night Lights? Those are two questions I just can't answer with my mere mortal brain.

The actor's currently doing his press tour for Battleship and while reviews are saying his performance blows, photos are saying his appearance glows. So he's a glower and a blower. (Which is something I'm definitely scared to look up on Urban Dictionary.) And while I will not pay to see him act in Battleship after falling asleep in his previous film John Carter, I will gladly stare at all his photos.

Even though his second big screen appearence will most likely not lead to any more acting offers, I don't think he should give up on his career. He just needs to rethink it. Why be an action star when he can be a model?

A manly model who knows how to throw a football and appear capable of defeating aliens after they land on earth. Need more proof that the man should be a model? Just look at all these photos of his recent press appearances for Battleship.


(Photos: T-Kitsch)