Taylor Armstrong Thinks Rihanna And Chris Brown Can Collaborate ‘Without It Being Dangerous’

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Taylor Armstrong book cover Hiding from Reality memoirWhat a stroke of good fortune for Taylor Armstrong: Now that Rihanna has released two collaborations with her abusive ex Chris Brown — not to mention they might actually be back together — the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star can parlay her own abuse into making her some sort of weird expert/talking head.

Sorry, but that's what it looks like from Taylor's guest spot on HLN, where she weighed in on Rihanna and Chris' recent collaboration. This seems like nothing more than shameless publicity for her memoir, Hiding from Reality. For one, their situations are drastically different: Russell Armstrong quietly abused Taylor for years, even while the RHOBH cameras were rolling; I don't know how long Chris' abuse of Rihanna went on, but the incident that got the world's attention was very public and very graphic. By contrast, we didn't learn about Russell's abuse until he killed himself.

What's most disturbing is that Taylor seems to think that it's OK for Rihanna and Chris to work together, because a professional relationship is somehow doable after the other person bites your fingers and slams your head into the car door.

“I do believe you can have a healthy relationship with someone years after. [Regarding Russell:] We weren't safe being married; we weren't safe living in the same household. But could we have gone on to have a healthy co-parenting relationship and a friendly relationship? Absolutely.

“I don't know what their relationship is now, but as long as they're keeping one another safe and at a good distance, or if they've had the appropriate treatment they can collaborate on a project without it being dangerous.”

The one thing I will give Taylor is that she encouraged both singers to open up about the abuse, to talk to their fanbases about how fucked up it is what he did to her. The biggest criticism about current coverage of their relationship seems to be that the media is glamorizing their lifestyle and glossing over the abuse. Furthermore, “Team Breezy” already believes that Chris' personal choices should be divorced from his professional reputation. And Rihanna hasn't addressed the abuse at all lately.

But how sad a state of affairs would it be if it were this opportunistic reality star who got Rihanna to speak out?