Photo Proof That It’s Time For Taylor Armstrong To Stop The Plastic Surgery

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Seriously, looking at this photo of Taylor Armstrong from Radar Online makes me grimace. The controversial reality star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills always shocked me with her excessive plastic surgery. The very first time I saw her in a talking head on RHOBH I stared at her face. Something wasn't right and there's no doubt that a doctor's to blame for what her face looks like.

After starring at her for two seasons now, I thought I knew the smooth plains of her forehead and the extra-chiseled cheekbones of her face pretty well. At least well enough not to be horrified by what I saw. However this latest photo of the reality star made me do a double take.

What is she doing to her face and who is she paying to do this to her?

I know she's struggled a lot in the past year with her husband Russell Armstrong's suicide, the public's perception of her domestic  abuse allegations and her supposed alcohol problem. But all those problems aside, she's got to lay off the plastic surgery and touch-ups and botox and whatever else she's doing to destroy her face.

She should have a long life ahead of her and I doubt she wants to live it with that face.