Taylor Armstrong Tried To Pay Off A Lawsuit Settlement With Fake Designer Bags

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Each time I read a piece of news about Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong, I cycle through feelings of empathy and snark so fast it almost gives me whiplash. And today is no exception.

A new report from The Daily Beast reveals details of a recent lawsuit Armstrong was involved in, and as might be expected, those details are really depressing. It's kind of complicated, but basically, when her husband Russell Armstrong was still alive, he and Taylor defrauded a company called MyMedicalReports.com of over $1 million. (Taylor says Russell pressured her to cooperate with threats of physical violence.) You might think it would be easy for a Real Housewife to pay off a $1 million debt, but despite all of her flashy outward showings of wealth, Taylor is actually quite broke. So rather than give up on recovering all the money, MMR demanded in an out-of-court settlement that she turn over her most valuable personal property instead. This included her $250,000 engagement ring and a bunch of Hermès Birkin bags. The latter of which, it turns out, are fake. Oh dear.

While it might seem cruel for a company to take Taylor's engagement ring, they still lost about $750,000 in the deal, so I'd say she made out better than she might have. Whether Taylor was really a party to the defrauding or a victim of Russell's criminal behavior is unclear. What we do know is that she insisted on keeping up a lavish lifestyle that she knew she couldn't afford, long after she knew she couldn't afford it, lest her fancy friends look down on her. I'm sorry, but nobody needs to throw a $60,000 kid's birthday party so badly that they should bankrupt themselves doing it.

(Via The Daily Beast)