Taylor Armstrong Filed For Divorce So Bravo Would Let Her Back On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

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We already knew that Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong filed for divorce before her husband Russell‘s suicide. This was probably a wise move; their marriage was deeply troubled, and Russell had become physically abusive towards her. But apparently, the thing that finally made her want to go through with it was not her fear for her own personal safety, but fear of being booted from the Real Housewives franchise.

According to Radar, the show's producers did not want the Armstrongs on the show anymore after the currently airing season finished filming, because Russell was constantly threatening to sue over public discussion of his marital problems. (I suppose fear of being held responsible for injuries inflicted on Taylor did not cross their minds.)

Bravo and NBC decided that Russell and Taylor were more trouble than they were worth, and decided to end filming with them, as soon as it became apparent that Russell was going to continue down that path,” a source told Radar. “Taylor decided to pursue the separation first, but then she thought to get back on the show, she would need to file for divorce, so that she could appear on the show again, if she promised executives that she was leaving him for good.”

This sounds believable, considering recent episodes of RHBH have focused on Russell's litigiousness; on the most recent one, Russell sent Camille Grammer a letter saying he was going to sue her for defamation for her discussion of his abusive behavior towards his wife. It's sad that it took the threat of being cast from the spotlight to get Taylor to leave an abusive marriage, but maybe this just adds heft to her assertion that being on reality tv saved her life.

(Via Radar)