Video: Tavi Gevinson Teaches Jimmy Fallon ‘How To Bitchface’

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Last night, teen blogger/editor extraordinaire Tavi Gevinson stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to promote her website's new book, Rookie Yearbook One. Hooray for blogs taking over the world!

In the interview, they discussed how Tavi got into fashion (not via her parents), being a teenager, and her insane rise to fame, with Tavi managing to seem like an extremely grounded and normal young lady. (“I'm still growing up outside of Chicago” she said in response to Jimmy's question about where she had grown up.) She also talked about meeting Bjork at a fashion party(!!!) and I'm consistently impressed with her ability to come off intensely likable despite tempting jealous hater-ism with her numerous early accomplishments.

My favorite part, though, was when Tavi explained “bitchface” to Jimmy and they went through the various types of bitchface one can make. As it turns out, Jimmy is really good at it! Of course, I'm a little jealous it's not Crushable on TV, but that kind of increased attention to young women's online media can only benefit all of us blogging ladies in the long run.

(Via Jezebel)