Tatiana Maslany May Not Have An Emmy Nomination, But She Is Getting A Street Named After Her

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Tatiana Maslany May Not Have An Emmy Nomination  But She Is Getting A Street Named After Her Tatiana Maslany Seth Meyers May 2015 jpg

Orphan Black star(s) Tatiana Maslany sat down with Seth Meyers last night, and I learned several things about her. First of all, I learned that she’s adorable, but I kind of already knew that. Second of all, I learned that her regular, non-clone-playing voice is a lot like Cosima’s. Pop some dreads and glasses on her and you’re ready to go. Third of all, I learned that she helped build an igloo. (She can do literally anything. I would probably trust her to perform surgery on me, not gonna lie.) And also that, even though she keeps getting snubbed at the Emmys, she’s receiving another honor that’s almost as good — having a street named after her.

Tatiana says they’re naming a street after her in Regina, Saskatchewan, where she was born. She says it’ll just be in a suburb, but that’s still pretty awesome. And as Seth suggests, if she ever gets pulled over by the cops there, she can just point at the street sign like “It’s cool, this is my street.” I’m also very excited about the fact that some kid might grow up on that street. And you know what that means. You don’t? Well, I’ll tell you. It means they’ll get to use Maslany as part of their stripper name (first pet + street they grew up on). So if in 20 years you meet a stripper named Rover Maslany, you’ll know where she’s from.

Sure, it’s not an Emmy nomination, but it’s still pretty cool that Tatiana is at least appreciated in the place she grew up. But now that we’ve brought the Emmy nominations into the conversation, I’m morally obligated to rant about it for at least three sentences. WHY WON’T THEY NOMINATE TATIANA FOR AN EMMY? THIS SEASON SHE PLAYED TWO CLONES HAVING A CONVERSATION WHILE THEY WERE BOTH PRETENDING TO BE OTHER CLONES! THAT’S THE MOST EMMY-WORTHY THING I’VE EVER SEEN. Okay, carry on.