Former Home Improvement Star Taran Noah Smith Convicted Of DUI And Weed Possession

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Oh noz! Everyone's favorite non-JTT Home Improvement cast member Taran Noah Smith has been convicted of driving under the influence and hash possession following his super avoidable arrest earlier this year.

If you will recall, Smith's lack of a proper childhood caused him to make a beginner's mistake when hot boxing his Honda Accord, which led to him being charged with marijuana possession and a DUI, even though he was parked at the time. In court yesterday, he pled “guilty” to the possession charge and “no contest” to the DUI, because really, sitting in a parked car should not count as driving.

For his crimes, Smith was sentenced to a 12-hour DUI program, a 6-month “don't smoke weed” program (yeah right, look at him), and three years of probation, at the end of which Tim Allen will give him a heartfelt speech about how he's allowed to mess up and he will still love him unconditionally.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Zachery Ty Bryan could not be reached for comment, as they are both currently busy living normal lives, trying to avoid becoming Hollywood cliches, and hiding their rapidly receding cuteness from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. As all smart former child stars know, the worst part of getting arrested is replacing that adorable kid that still lives in all of our hearts with a slightly odd-looking adult.

(Via TMZ)

Photo: WENN