I Dare You To Watch This Unaired SNL Sketch Without Getting The Song Stuck In Your Head

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Don't smash my pumpkin taran killam snl sketch

If you're in the mood to go back in time to a day that wasn't Monday, I have just the fix for you. It's an unaired Saturday Night Live sketch from this weekend that stars the increasingly adorable Taran Killam. I say increasingly adorable because I'm starting to develop a little crushy-crush on him. Which, I know, was SNL's grand plan this season. Step one: make Taran Killam a star by putting him in 106% of sketches. Step two: ditch the whole “TV” thing and just submit to being a popular Youtube channel full of up-and-coming talent. Step two's still in progress, but I have a feeling that Lorne's constantly testing out the waters by releasing unaired sketches like the one that you're just two short paragraphs away from watching.

It's a Halloween-themed video that didn't get to air this week, even though Halloween is just days away and it will be completely irrelevant by next week. Why didn't it air? Probably because Edward Norton turned out to be pretty funny. Goodness knows how many things they have waiting in the wings on weeks when they think they're going to get a bad host. As someone who owns Keeping the Faith on VHS, I had full faith in Ed's comedic abilities. But I guess everyone isn't as into rabbi/priest rom-coms as I am. Which is why they had to prepare this just-in-case video.

While the idea itself isn't ROTFL funny, the song's extremely catchy. So catchy that you immediately  want to share it with someone else so that they too can also have it stuck in their head. And by someone else, I obvi mean alllll of our wonderful readers. My apologies in advance for the fact that this song will get re-stuck in your head every time you see a smashed pumpkin this year, and hopefully forever.