Tara Reid Getting Really Defensive About Plastic Surgery Mirrors Her American Reunion Character

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Tara Reid plastic surgery defensive American Reunion Vicky rehabIn a recent interview with news.com.au, actress Tara Reid immediately turned defensive when the reporter mentioned the fact that she's basically synonymous with her botched plastic surgeries. Here's when things turn from a blandly pleasant celebrity interview to inadvertantly insulting a star:

But then I make the mistake of mentioning her plastic surgery and it becomes very clear, very quickly, I've touched a raw nerve.

The atmosphere turns decidedly chilly. She purses her lips. “Can I ask you something?” she says, an edge to her voice. “How many women do you know who've had plastic surgery?” Well, none actually. Before I have a chance to reply, she leaps in: “Almost everyone has. I don't know why it's such a big deal. Yeah, I had it. End of story.”

I point out that every article I've read about her mentions the surgery. “It's annoying,” she snaps. “It's as if I'm the only person in the world who's had it. I don't want to be a poster child for it. I've done a lot more stuff in my life than have plastic surgery.”

Even though the reporter quickly tries to change the subject, Reid won't let it go, clearly uncomfortable and maybe even embarrassed that in addition to her messed-up stomach being more recognizable than her face to some audiences, she's also remembered for her 2008 rehab stint for alcohol abuse. Her mantra for the rest of the interview is the claim “There's more to me than that.”

But honestly, what else has Reid offered us to change our minds? American Reunion is her first big project in a while, and she has one of the smaller ensemble parts. (Hell, she got paid the least out of the whole cast.) During her guest spot on Scrubs, she basically played a caricature of herself as vapid and only good for sex. Sure, she was in that funny The Big Lebowski 2 sketch, but that's about the only bright spot when the major news about her is her not-real marriage to Zack Kehayov.

What's interesting is that Reid's impassioned claims that she's moved beyond her hard-partying ways actually match up a fair amount with her American Reunion character Vicky. I can't talk specifically about the plot until the movie comes out on Friday, but what I can say is that there's a part of the movie where Vicky and Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) have a misunderstanding, and she's hurt that he thinks so poorly of her.

I'm curious if Reid's people made the decision for her to carry that same narrative into her personal life, for her to act all wounded that the media has written her off even though she hasn't done much to redeem herself. Even though by the end of the film Vicky convinced me that she's grown up, the jury's still out on her real-life counterpart.