Whatever Tara Reid Paid Her Plastic Surgeon, It Wasn’t Enough

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Looks like someone saw a few light bulbs go off when she watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Tara Reid, the go-to lead image on any story about plastic surgery gone horribly wrong, showed up to the Australian red carpet premiere of American Reunion looking like the past 20 years never happened.

From her skin to her hair to her make-up, she looks as fresh as she did the day she arrived in Hollywood.

I don't see one root, I don't see one blemish and I don't see one wrinkle. Not even a normal “when I smile, I get wrinkles on my forehead” wrinkle.

Who's responsible for this magic and how can we thank them? Do Madonna's arms have their number? While I don't like to force appendages to do anything they're not comfortable doing, I think a consultation might be valuble.

Radar Online, home of plastic surgeons who have opinions despite never having met the stars, interviewed Dr. Anthony Youn about what he thought she had done to make her look so good.

He said:

“Her face is soft and full, her skin is fabulous and she has a fantastic figure. I suspect that she may have had some help from her plastic surgeon, and he did a great job. It appears that she may have visited him again for some filler injections in her cheeks and wrinkle lines, Botox to smooth her forehead and a Vi Peel to remove sun spots, solar damage, and tighten her skin. Whatever Tara has done, she should keep doing it.”

While I've never met Dr. Youn personally, I trust everythinghe says. It's undeniable that her surgeon did do a good job.

This move could not only change Tara Reid's life, but it could also change a lot of other young celebs' lives too. Just think about Lindsay Lohan. This week's pillow face could be next week's Vi Peel face. There's hope out there  and now that I've seen it in front of my eyes, I'm determined to make sure that all applicable celebs get it.

On a related note, does anyone have Meg Ryan's number?