I Think Tara Reid Could Find A Much Hotter And Younger Guy Now That She Looks Normal Again

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So we all know that Tara Reid looked real rough for awhile. Like she spent too much time with her friends Mr. Meth and Mrs. Cocaine. But then she reemerged during the American Reunion PR blitz this spring looking 25 years younger and 25 times better. She actually looked pretty and alive and vibrant. No idea how many scalpels and needles and enchantments it took to make that happen, but bravo to whoever did it because she looks fab-u-lous.

But why then is she dating Mr. OldestPersonAlive's father AKA Fawaz Gruosi, a 60-year-old jeweler who accompanied her to Cannes.

I know, I'm being harsh. But Tara looks so good! Can't the universe reward her with someone closer to her age. Maybe someone in his 40s. I'm sure Mr. Gruosi's an awesome guy. According to this Huffington Post article, he's actually one of the most sought after jewelry and watch makers in the world. And that's great for Mr. Gruosi.

However Tara deserves to be with someone who looks as fabulous as she does right now. Who knows when she'll fall back into her old habits and return to the loving embrace of Mr. Meth and Mrs. Cocaine. These could be her final years of glory and I think she should be showing up to parties with someone younger.

Then again, what do I know. I don't even own a watch. Let alone a Gruosi watch.Maybe this is the guy who's making her looking so glowy and happy. And if that's the case party on Taraw or Greid or whatever combined nickname sounds the best.