Tamra, Jeana and Alexis on “Lopez Tonight”

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Several of you have e-mailed me about some of the Real Housewives of Orange County cast member's appearance on George Lopez's new talk show, Lopez Tonight (thanks Peggy & Tara!) but I wasn't able to embed it here because George's site uses some kind of language this site can't understand. That's the language of not being funny at all.

My personal feelings for George aside, the interview itself is pretty amusing because Tamra is, as she once so delicately put it, “naked wasted.” The segment starts with Tamra making a racist joke about George being a busboy, which I would be offended by if I didn't know a thing or two about late-night comedy and know that the bit was probably scripted and rehearsed. Instead, be offended by the length (or lack thereof) of Tamra's dress.

The interview starts at the 1:49 mark below and the second part is after the jump. Enjoy!